Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh is designed by straightening and spot welding the high-quality carbon wires together. It is widely used today just because of its fast production rate, simple and practical structure and easy to transport feature.
Welded Wire Mesh have been fusion bonded together to make a strong mesh structure.
Weld Mesh Fences are becoming more popular in terms of security since they can provide a more substantial barrier than woven fences. They are skillfully crafted with the finest details in mind, such as aperture size and wire diameter. Based on its stiffness, longevity, and customizable choices, the welded mesh has a broad array of applications.


Welded Wire Mesh features a wide range of thicknesses. Superior Weld mesh offers a gamut of options when it comes to welded wire mesh. The product range includes:

  • Mild Steel
  • Galvanized Iron
  • Stainless Steel
Manufactured in -

  • Rolls
  • Panels
  • Screens

We create desired products depending on the size of the wires employed in its design, The holes might be rectangular or square in design.


Mesh Size 17mm - 300mm
Wire Diameter 1.00 Mm - 12.00 Mm
Width 0.5 - 2.5 Meter
Length As Per Requirement
Coating Gi / Powder Coated (Polyester / Epoxy)
Is Standard 4948:2002


Welded Mesh are quite sturdy due to the manner they are constructed, which is why they are commonly employed in high-security areas such as prisons and nuclear power plants, Military etc.
They're also used for demarking agricultural properties, security cages and fences, construction sites, industries, warehouses, workshops, and animal enclosures.
Welded Wire Mesh is mostly used in the construction industry, with contractors utilizing it to design racking and storage for warehouses and supermarkets. It can be employed to resolve the challenges that come with exposing warehouse spaces to the weather. It aids in keeping the racking and storage firmer in the face of wind and rain.
Welded Wire Mesh made of stainless steel is used in animal farms and pet sanctuaries because it can reduce the negative effects that animals can have. As a result, it is widely employed in animal retention applications in veterinary clinics, animal farms, and animal shelters.


Weld Mesh as security fencing is extremely strong and long-lasting. In contrast to other fences, this style of fencing has the fewest openings, making it impossible for intruders to climb up it. It also has the capacity to withstand any weather conditions by applying addition coating.
Several sorts of fencing options are accessible to you that can be coated and built to withstand damage efforts. Weld mesh panels can also be made out of small wires welded close together, making it harder for intruders to climb into your property.
Welded wire mesh panels can be installed in a variety of ways to satisfy a range of security requirements. Making a perimeter fence or enclosing generators and bin depots are just a few examples. Concrete and steel posts can also be used with welded mesh fencing.
The perimeter of the land surrounded by fences makes your home or office look nice, some attractive fences can be installed along with security. Mesh fencing is a good choice in any situation. They are visually appealing and give the space a streamlined appearance.