Concertina - Razor Wire

Concertina - Razor Wire

Razor Wire is also known as concertina wire. It is a sort of present-day security fencing material with better insurance and fencing quality made of hot-plunged aroused steel sheets or stainless-steel sheets.
With excellent and sharp edges and high tensile center wire, Concertina razor wire has the components of secure fencing, simple establishment, age resistance and different properties that can be put to various usages.
Concertina Razor Wire is generally utilized as a part of high review living arrangement locales, stockrooms, and in military fields and different destinations requiring serious fencing and security.

Categories :
  • Galvanized Iron
  • Stainless Steel

Wire Thickness 2.45mm to 3.20mm
Strip Thickness 0.45mm to 0.60mm
Blade Height 5mm
Blade Width 10mm to 17mm
Coil Width 300mm to 1000mm
Standard Length 6.00 meters
Tensile Strength 550 N/m2

Razor Wire


Reliable And Secure :

Its primary function is security. It is made of galvanized sheets and can be quite robust. This solution is suited for locations where restricted access and security are the highest concern.


They are used in a wide variety of settings such as industrial areas, residences, agriculture, and more. They can also be moved or reused.

Quick Installation:

It doesn’t take days to install razor wire fencing. Therefore, you won’t lose precious time. All that’s needed are basic fence posts for the wire, and the wire is simply stretched over the posts and secured in place.


Poultry Farms:

Used to contain animals on farms. The wire stops livestock from running away and prevents farmers from losing large amounts of money.


Razor wire fences can be installed with V bend or Anti Climb Fence which makes them twice as effective. Are also employed to prevent trespassing in prisons, riot control, detention camps, airline terminals, railway stations, police camps, amusement parks, agricultural land, and other locations.

The Demarcation Between Properties:

Razor wire fence are seen as good ways to divide land areas and keep them separated. There are still existing examples of Razor wire fence which divide separate states and towns.


Can be used as a deterrent even if the user does not have anything they essentially want to protect. Razor wire is cheap and fairly accessible which means buying some to make a fence is cost-effective.