Weld Mesh Gabions

Weld Mesh Gabions

Gabions are rectangular baskets made of extensively high tensile galvanized steel wire welded together. The baskets are filled with rock and stacked on top of one another to create a gravity wall.
Gabions rely on the individual stones and boulders within the wire mesh interlocking for internal stability, as well as their bulk or weight to resist hydraulic and earth forces.
Furthermore, Gabions are a permeable structure that can be vegetated in some cases. Gabions are regarded as a "hard" construction solution with little habitat or aesthetic value.

Offered in:

Welded Gabions come in a choice of sizes and shapes. Once it concerns Welded Gabions Superior Weld mesh has a broad spectrum of applications.

The product line includes the following:
  • Gabion Walls
  • Gabion Pillars
  • Gabion Mattress
  • Gabion Basket
  • Gabion Wire mesh
  • Architectural Gabions


Mesh Size 50MM - 300MM
Wire Diameter 3.00 MM - 6.00 MM
Width 0.5 - 3 Metre
Height 0.5 - 3 Metre
Length 0.5 - 3 Metre
Coating Gi / Powder Coated (Polyester / Epoxy)
Is Standard 16013:2012


Gabions are being used as decorative architectural product for outdoors, best suited for landscaping the garden, farm house, boundaries Landslide Mitigation: Gabion walls can be built quickly and cost-effectively, making them ideal for landslide mitigation in mountainous areas
With the use of Gabion pillars and V bend Fence in between an aesthetic design can be created to make your boundary look more beautiful and appealing.
Gabions are preferred over concrete walls in the ground because of their ability to deform and the strength they provide.
They also allow water permeability, is durable in nature, and are an economical solution to your needs and requirements.


Gabions can sustain varying degrees of strain and compression without obstructing water flow throughout the structure, and are used to protect scouring around the bridge piers and other important structures.
When it comes to Gabion weld mesh creativity can be on beyond imaginations, with gabions we can design from decorative walls designs to water falls designs. Opening an array of opportunities for designers.
Gabions are completely customizable. Mesh size, wire diameter, length, width, and height, as well as the shape of each panel, can all be modified to create various shapes.
Welded gabions can be polyester powder coated to protect the wires from the elements, thus extending the life of the gabions.
Gabion walls are permeable and are not damaged by passing water and provide good drainage.