Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a widespread and traditional method of fence used all over the world. Fence wires are normally made up of two longitudinal wires twisted together to create cable and wire barbs looped at regular intervals around one or both of the longitudinal wires. The twisted double wires add more strength and prevent breaking during contraction and expansion. Barbs are cut diagonally to give sharper points.

Barbed wires are widely preferred because they are cost-effective and are easy to install at a given space. Furthermore, they provide high dimensional accuracy, high service life and fine finish.

Barbed wires can be drawn out from the following:
  • Galvanized Iron
  • PVC

Specifications :

Barb Distance 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm
Wire Thickness 12*12 12*14 14*14
Length per Kg 6mtr 8mtr 12mtr
Standard Roll 40-45 40-45 40-45
Tensile strength 550 N/m2 550 N/m2 550 N/m2
Is Standard 278 278 278


In the army, barbed wire fences are particularly prevalent. They're employed at a variety of training sites across the country. They are widely regarded as a popular means of simulating a variety of combat scenarios.
Barbed wire fences can also have electricity run through them to increase their ability to protect against trespassing better. For further security, barbed wire fences are built on highways and along railway tracks, among other infrastructure projects.
These Fences are used to defend agricultural lands from invaders and wildlife in all types of agricultural lands, from farmland to orchards, groves to vineyards, nurseries to ornamental horticulture regions.


Intruders and wildlife will be unable to penetrate your site due to the durability and sturdiness of barbed wire fencing.
Barbed wire fencing is extremely adaptable. It is extensively used in a range of industries, including residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture, construction, and houses. For a long time, this fencing system gave a high level of privacy and security.
It is not only inexpensive to install, but it is also simple to manage, and the security it provides is unmatched. Barbed wire fencing is an excellent solution for folks on a budget because of its low cost.