Customizable Mesh Clip Board

Customizable Mesh Clip Board is a one of the most attractive home décor products today. It is highly being used in Study areas and offices as a light weight and easy maintenance To-Do boards.

Outdoor Gabion walls

Outdoor Gabion walls for Landscape. Used as an innovative green-fencing technique and also as decorative installations for lawns, residences and public places.

Wire net

Wire net makes it easier to install Green Walls instead of heavy installations conventionally used. It is cheaper and easily available. Customization possible as per requirement.

Weldmesh Shed

Weldmesh Shed designed for multipurpose usage like pet houses, outdoor lawn seating areas, store houses and temporary shelters.

U-shaped precast weldmesh

U-shaped precast weldmesh panels can be innovatively used in constructing cable trays along roads and streets. Drain structures can also be reinforced with this time saving and economical method.

Classic Racks

Classic way of designing racks for cutlery, book shelves and various accessories. Weldmesh is a product that can be used in multiple ways that define a whole new style.

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

Concrete reinforcing mesh with rectangular or square mesh pattern is a kind of welded wire fabric, which can improve the bonding to concrete, minimize the concrete cracking that may occur as a result of concrete shrinkage. With flat, even surface and firm structure, it is used extensively for reinforcement of road surfaces, masonry walls, and concrete structures in buildings. Besides, it also can be used as a large animal enclosure, quarantine caging, gabion or various fences.