V Bend Fence

V Bend Fence

As the name suggests, V-bend mesh is designed with a series of architectural “V” folds that reinforce the overall strength of the system. The wire mesh panels are fabricated in a pattern of horizontal and vertical wires welded at each intersection forming a rigid panel section.
It’s highly favorable as it offers an aesthetic look to the premises and further beautifies the property. It is a visually appealing fence suitable for boundary, anti-intruder uses and keeps out unwanted visitors. The system is very easy and fast to install and integrates directly with a range of robust gates for a complete security solution. Installing a V-Bend fence, whether you own business property or simply wish to demarcate your home property, is one of the most promising ways to do so.

Mesh Size 200mm x 50mm
Wire Diameter 4.00 MM
Width 1.00 - 2.50 Meter
Length As Per Requirement
Coating Gi / Powder Coated (Polyester / Epoxy)


Building And Townships
Amusment Park
Parking Arena
School And Colleges
Sports Arena


The sole purpose of V bend fence is to provide great strength to the fence instead of conventional fence that has waviness and are easy to breach in.
Fence must be installed to make your home or office look appealing. In this case, V-Bend Mesh is an excellent option. They are pleasing to the eye and offer the room a more streamlined appearance.
Beautiful things must have a long life so we make sure that with high quality Coatings our client gets the best result from the desired product.
V-bend Mesh can be used to meet a variety of design needs. It is a client favorite because of its sleek and open view design. They can be used for a variety of innovative designs.
Anti-Climb fence comes with powder coating on it which enhances the life cycle of the fence to great extend and also prevent it from corrosion or further deterioration.